You Don’t Find Your Passion; You Create It 

 July 23, 2019

By  Stephen Hnilica

Discovering your driving emotions change just about everything (I’m thinking about writing an article about how to do this).

These emotions form the foundation of your motivation. You use your key driving emotions to create your passion. Use them to direct your goals. Use them to do everything, as much as possible. You use them every day without realizing it.

#1 – Use your key driving emotion & your goals to create a story. Tell yourself that story every day, or every hour, or every minute. Doesn’t matter how often you need to reaffirm that story, do it.

#2 – Break goals down into bite sized chunks that fulfill your key driving emotion. Make sure you can get at least one “win” every single day.

#3 – If you can’t attach your key driving emotion to a task or a goal, it’ll use extra willpower to do that task. Either stop doing it, automate it, or outsource it.

The more you can stay in your primary driving emotion, the more powerful your passion and drive will become. This is how you create a life where you are “pulled” towards being productive, taking action, and reaching for goals and dreams.

Stephen Hnilica

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