4 Questions That Will Change Your Life 

 June 4, 2019

By  Stephen Hnilica

It doesn’t matter if you are struggling with procrastination, anxiety, depression, anger, etc. This works because it sets you on the fastest road to successfully fulfilling your goals.

When I’m coaching people, I help people get results fast by teaching them to ask 4 questions back to back and in order. Define the answer to each in 3-6 words. Don’t spend too much time on it. The key is the determination that you are capable and willing to pursue your goals.

Question #1: What’s My Goal?

Question #2: Why Is This Goal Important To Me?

Question #3: How Will I Cause Myself To Struggle In The Pursuit Of This Goal?

Question #4: When I Begin To Struggle, How Can I Overcome That Struggle?


I’m going to learn spanish

It’s important so I can speak to people on the street when I visit Mexico.

I’m going to struggle with this goal because I won’t feel like putting in the practice to get good at spanish.

I can overcome that by making the initial practice sessions small, engaging, and at a consistent time every day.

If this doesn’t motivate you, then you’re facing 1 of 2 issues: Either you’re not confident in your ability OR you don’t care about your goals. So… if this doesn’t enhance your motivation, should you really be pursuing that goal?

Stephen Hnilica

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