Create 1 Month Of Content In 1 Day

The Create 1 Month Of Content In 1 Day course will help you blaze through creating 100+ engaging, high quality social posts, articles and videos in just 1 day.

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Simple 5-Step Process

Here’s what you’ll learn in Create 1 Month Of Content In 1 Day!

This simple 5 stage process is the same process that I use when working with clients to develop their social & content strategy and create enough content to fill their content calendar.

? Ideate ?

  • Discover how to create a limitless amount of ideas for new content
  • Learn how to know exactly what content your audience wants
  • Learn the easiest content to create (even if you've never made social or website content before)
  • Create your first social strategy

? Outline ?

  • Discover how to go from “too many ideas” to a step-by-step plan
  • Learn to simplify your content creation
  • Create the outline for a powerful piece of content that will engage your audience and position you as an authority

✨ Create ✨

  • Transform your outline into real content
  • Discover how to batch create engaging social content
  • Learn little tips that make content creation easy and fun
  • Learn to "write" 9000 words per minute

? Splinter ?

  • Transform your core content into more than 100 social posts
  • Learn the easy secret to creating blog posts at lightning speed
  • Discover the 3 types of content you need to be omni-present on social media

? Publish ?

In this stage, you’ll turn the content you’ve created into an automated social campaign that will delight your audience. This gives you the freedom and flexibility to be yourself on social without having to be a slave to your feed.

? Community ?

You'll be welcomed into our Facebook community!

  • Share your excitement
  • Get feedback
  • Get answers

What's In The Course?

Our Ever Expanding List Of Lessons And Resources

About the Author

I've been in online marketing for 15 years. I started helping people get comfortable with creating content when a local ☕ tea house owner was complaining that she was scared to create videos for “The Facebook”.

As a marketing agency owner, my client’s reputation and relationships with others in their space were critical to creating a positive ROI for any campaign we ran for them

If a client creates consistent social content that positions them as a thought leader and keeps them in front of bloggers and authorities, it makes the human-side of marketing easy. Creating collaborations, landing interviews, getting press, and so much more become a ? cake walk.

Even for that local tea house owner!

That’s why I created the “Create 1 Month Of Content In 1 Day” process, so I could help my clients create a powerful social presence that engages their audience with high quality content, and position them as an expert on their topic.

Create 1 Month Of Content In 1 Day

Create 1 Month Of Content In 1 Day isn’t just the name of the course.

It’s a promise that you'll create more engaging, high-quality content in just 1 day than you ever thought possible.

$199 $49

Only available on AppSumo at this reduced price

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